Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer dress and circle skirt

Nearly one month ago I shows you what I had planned to sew for my summer holidays. And here´s the truth: I didn´t finish any of these pieces.
I was looking forward to wearing this blouse. It was my size, so I didn´t have to resize the pattern for once and it seemed to be a cute little thing. So I started to sew up the muslin but very soon had to realize that it made my chest look huge. And I mean insanely huge. One would expect a pattern made for a larger chest to be more complimenting...
But it´s not like I don´t have any patterns to choose from, so I went with something very different I found in "Dir und Mir" from 1952:

 The description reads as follows: "For hot summer days on holidays or in the garden, and if your surroundings aren´t prude, even at the office!" It also says that it´s a quick sew even for beginners. Perfect! It took me some time to get the neck cuffs somewhat right, but all in all I´m happy with how it turned out. Pictures will follow later. And because the pattern is so simple I decided to make a copy for all of you.
Free pattern awesomeness! (click "Datei Herunterladen", not any of the download buttons!).

I also sew this circle skirt, sans cherries:

Dear summer, I´m prepared for you, don´t hesitate to show up!

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  1. Thanks, Katrin, for the pattern! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures of what you've made.